WP snippets: Adding an extra class to the opening body tag

With the Gutenberg Editor landed in WordPress 5.0 customizing posts and pages has become a breeze. Although sometimes it’s still necessary to add CSS applied to a larger group of pages like for a specific language or category. Below you see a few snippets that adds extra classes to the body tag so specific CSS …

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How to deal with the ‘NoneNone’ Brute Force attacks

Since the last week of november I noticed an increased volume of Brute Force attacks on several websites that are under my management. Although these kind of attacks are not new, there was something peculiar with these login attempts. They all used the same username “NoneNone”.

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9 Things you should know about designers

As designers we understand our profession unlike any other. But clients might see the role of a designer quite differently. This may result in strange requests, misunderstanding and the occasional frustrations (on both sides). So that’s why I created this little faq, all in good spirits of course. Are designers magicians? No! Designers are not magicians although …

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WordPress 101: Stay of the WordPress core

If you are planning to start with WordPress and are about to build your first website with it then this article might be a useful heads up for you. WordPress is really great, you can build all sorts of websites with it and I can’t recommend it enough. However starting off on the wrong foot …

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