How to use the Olympus vn-240pc with Apple

26 juli 2018

Lot’s of users with an Olympic digital voice recorder vn-240pc run into the issue that they cannot use it with an Apple device. While looking for an answer myself, I managed to extract files from the recorder with this workaround.

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Disable Gutenberg on specific posts or pages

24 april 2018

Gutenberg is fantastic and has a lot of potential. However not every existing website may be ready for the upcoming release. I wanted to disable Gutenberg on a single page. Thought I shared the code here in case you need it.

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A few more thoughts on this whole Facebook debacle

16 april 2018

Last  edited: 25-06-2018 Random observations on how people react to the Facebook data breach and apply cognitive dissonance to calm themselves. Last month it became known to the public that Facebook suffered a  major data breach. A lot of people including myself were shocked. It’s not a secret that I’ve never been a fan of …

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Hide the “Did you know” notice in wp-admin when editing style.css

3 februari 2018

Scroll down to skip the article and go straight to the code snippet. Last november WordPress 4.9 was released. As every new WordPress version it came with some really neat features. One of those new features was the syntax highlighting. A feature a lot of people wanted for a long time finally made it into …

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Design is decisions, not options

1 februari 2018

In this day where we spend more time online than ever.E-commerce is booming, people are blogging and vlogging about their lives and WordPress is the most dominant Open Source CMS. Whether it’s for blogging, e-commerce or you name it, WordPres always has a solid solution out there. Not surprisingly I use it on many of …

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Personal stuff & the internet

21 november 2017

On a few occasions in the past some people asked me why there isn’t that much personal information about me on the internet. No resume, no up close and personal stuff, no Facebook account, a rather poor Linkedin profile, no…. you name it. People might be wondering, do I have a secret identity, am I …

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My concerns on the ‘most popular’ WordPress plugin of the moment: Jetpack

5 september 2017

LAST UPDATED: FEBRUARY 2019 Jetpack is one of the most popular WordPress plugins. Yet I rather don’t use Jetpack in any of my projects. Even though it may seem to be the best option available sometimes, it actually says more about the (lack of) quality for the alternatives. Connect it with The reason why …

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How I choose a Free WordPress theme for my project

31 juli 2017

Whether I choose a paid or a free theme depends on the project. Either way the theme has to meet to my own quality standards. Standards are always subjective to some level so I will share mine here so it may help you pick a theme for a future project. The best place to …

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