This page only excist for the sake of legacy purposes. All content is gone and no longer available. However if you still have and use some snippets that I published before on this website, these terms still apply.


The content on this website being texts, images or code are my own unless indicated otherwise. You are allowed to use it for your own projects either commercial or personal, again unless indicated otherwise. You don’t have to pay attribution though I always appreciate it if you do. However you can never claim ownership or copyright for it. Everyone can use it as can you. Be cool and play fair 😉

If you prefer a more legal explanation of the above stated, you can read the official GPL license text here .

Disclaimer & Liability

Please note that using the material published on this site is without warranty and therefor at your own risk. Be smart and always test your code in a staging area before implementing it on a production website.  All code snippets I share here have worked for me and might be useful for you. If so please consider making a small donation.

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