Privacy Policy

I like privacy as much as you do. Apart from your IP address, this website does not store and proces any personal information about you except when you complete the contact form on this website.

A while back I even uninstalled my Analytics tool because I did not really use it. The data that this website does proces is stored on the server of Communics (my company), which is based in the EU.


This website only uses functional cookies which are necessary to provide you a website without any errors and remember your preferences. 

If you wish to delete the cookies from this website, this can easily be done through your browser settings. I included some links on how to do this for the most popular browsers. 

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Contact form

When you complete the contact form on this website, the data that you provide, along with your IP address will be immediately forwarded to my email inbox without intermediate storage. I only use the provided information to answer your questions and it will be deleted immediately afterwards.

If it comes to an agreement of some kind the terms of that agreement will apply, which will be processed by my company website