Design is decisions, not options

In this day where we spend more time online than ever.E-commerce is booming, people are blogging and vlogging about their lives and WordPress is the most dominant open source CMS. Whether it’s for blogging, e-commerce or you name it, WordPres always has a solid solution out there. Not surprisingly I use it on many of …

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Personal stuff & the internet

Last edited in march 2019 On a few occasions in the past some people asked me why there isn’t that much personal information about me on the internet. No resume, no up close and personal stuff, no Facebook account, a rather poor Linkedin profile, no…. you name it. People might be wondering, do I have …

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How I choose a Free WordPress theme for my project

Whether I choose a paid or a free theme depends on the project. Either way the theme has to meet to my own quality standards. Standards are always subjective to some level so I will share mine here so it may help you pick a theme for a future project. The best place to …

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The power of words

The choice of words is essential when you are trying to get a message through. But how do we know which words that may be? The words that speak to your imagination. This video shows us the added value of applied communication in a brilliant way. Wow!

Don’t think, just shoot

Don’t think, just shoot is the most important rule when you want to dive into the art of Lomography. Mysterious, dreamy and alienating images that intrigue and require more attention. Lomography is a lifestyle and it deviates in everything from normal photography. The main goal is all about having fun. Not hassling with shutter settings, …

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