Don’t think, just shoot

Don’t think, just shoot is the most important rule when you want to dive into the art of Lomography. Mysterious, dreamy and alienating images that intrigue and require more attention. Lomography is a lifestyle and it deviates in everything from normal photography.

The main goal is all about having fun. Not hassling with shutter settings, the correct aperture and… whatever. Just shoot some pictures, that’s it. Not worrying about the results. However….often the results are amazing!

There is a wide product range of analogue Lomo camera’s available. So you can jump back in time and start developing good old fashioned camera rolls again. This included the waiting time in between before you get to see any results. Yep, it’s all about the fun experience.

Digital Lomo effect

Do you like the results that you can accomplish a Lomographic camera but analogue processing? Don’t worry. There are several digital solutions available that get you a similar result. For the iPhone there is the Hipstamatic app. The Hipstamatic app includes several rolls, flashlights and lenses for beautiful surreal effects. Also check out the add-ons.

Real digital Lomo camera’s are rare, but here is a tutorial that shows you how to make one yourself ;-).