“Link in Bio” Block Patterns

Ever heard of Linktree, About.Me, Linkin.bio? These websites are “Link in Bio” Platforms where you can have a custom webpage that contains all your important links to your places on the web. You can add the link to that webpage to all your social media profiles. Handy but… your links are yours and thus should be on your own website IMHO.

If you have a WordPress website you can now easily add your own “Link in Bio” pattern and customize it to your needs. Some of these patterns are build with GenerateBlocks so if you haven’t already I encourage you to install and activate GenerateBlocks first.

Once that’s done you can create a new page, open the code editor and copy the code behind the button to paste it in your editor. The result is a link page as you see below.

Link Page Pattern 1 demo

Link Page Pattern 2 demo