Change the admin email address in WordPress without a hassle or a plugin

In this article I explain quickly how you can change the administrator email address without having to worry about confirmation emails, databases and all sorts of other hassle.

Questions you may have in advance

Do I need to access the database in order to change the email address No.

Do I need to edit any core files for this?

Does this method require coding skills?

Does this action require me to install another plugin?
Definitely not.

Here’s how to change the email address

Login to your WordPress admin dashboard and visit your “General Settings” page. In the url of your site you see something like this:

The url of the General Settings page.

Now let’s modify that URL a bit and change options-general.php to options.php so it looks like this:

The url of the All Settings page.

This changes the “General Settings” page into the otherwise hidden “All Settings” page. On this page you are able to change the admin email address without going through the confirmation process.

The option table where you can change the admin email address

Just search for admin_email option, change your email address, scroll to the end and press the “Save Changes” button. All done! You now changed the admin email address without going through any complicated procedures.


Although the process of changing the admin email address is fairly easy to go through, use it with caution. The “All Settings” page allows you to change a lot more than just the admin email, so be careful. Things can still break. Also, the security measure of sending out a confirmation email in the regular process is there for a reason. So only use this method if the current email address is no longer accessible.

The reason I wrote this article is because several posts on the internet describe methods where you need to access the database or install yet another plugin. I believe accessing the database method is even more dangerous than the method I mention and installing a plugin is overkill.